4 Things You Should Look Out For On Any Dog Food Label

4 Things You Should Look Out For On Any Dog Food Label

Every person that has a dog wants to ensure the good health of their pet by taking care of their nutrition. The wellbeing of a pet dog depends on the type of food that is provided to it. For the owners of these pets, it can be a daunting task to find out the best brand of dog food that could help keep their pet at its best.

As most people are not aware of these things, let me tell you about the four things that you should look out for on any dog food label, as they can prove to be the opposite of nutritious and healthy.

Look Out for These Things On Dog Food Labels:


If it is the good health of your dog that you are seeking, the moment you read “by-product” written on a dog food label, you should reject that brand at once.

By-product mostly refers to unwanted nutrition sources in dog food such as the spleen, liver, lungs, and even inedible parts of animals like hooves and feathers. These are the elements that do not make up for a healthy diet and will hinder your pet’s wellbeing in the long term.

“With chicken”.

Chicken is a top nutrition source in dog foods. But when you read the label saying, “with chicken”, it most likely refers to the unwanted chicken parts that consist of the skin as well, which is not healthy for dogs in any manner. The unwanted chicken parts are the liver, spleen, and kidneys.

The dog food that is chicken-based will have all the high protein and clean chicken parts instead of all the unwanted waste parts. So, be careful with this tag on a dog food label as well!


Though it is said to be a preservative in dog food that helps keep the energy within fats, which are present in the dog food, it is actually very harmful.

Ethoxyquin is a preservative that you should stay away from because if you want your dog to stay healthy, this element can prove to do otherwise. Avoid dog food that consists of such preservatives, and you’ll be keeping your pet safe and healthy.

Corn & Rice.

As rice and corn are key carbohydrate sources, they can easily cause weight gain issues in pet dogs which can harm their overall health and fitness. Rice and corn are acceptable in dog food, but only if they are given to the pet in a moderate amount.

Otherwise, they can lead to weight issues as carbohydrates contain higher calories with much less nutritious value as compared to protein sources or even healthy fats.

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    whenever I go shopping for dog food I make sure to refer to this having an older dog, it’s important that she gets the right food for what she needs in order to function properly

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