Initially, we recommend consulting your veterinarian for personalized advice on health-related queries specific to your pet. Every animal has unique dietary requirements. That being emphasized, a significant number of our products incorporate water-soluble vitamins, meaning they dissolve in water and subsequently in the body. As water isn't retained for extended periods in your dog's system, these nutrients can be consumed in excess. In the event of a potential "overdose," the surplus vitamins are excreted through your dog's urine. Nevertheless, the decision regarding such matters should be a collaborative one between you and your veterinarian.

Young puppies and kittens have distinct nutritional requirements that differ significantly from those of adult dogs & cats. To safeguard against potential serious health issues like fractured bones or heart disease, it is crucial to provide puppies & kittens with diets tailored specifically to their developmental stage. Our products are meticulously formulated to meet the nutritional needs of adult dogs & cats. While they can be administered to younger pets, if necessary, we strongly advise consulting your veterinarian before administering any dosage of our products to ensure the well-being of your pet.

Our dedication to product safety is evident in our rigorous production procedures, which comply with strict standards. With a cGMP certification in the USA, we uphold a positive release policy to guarantee the quality of our soft chews. Each batch undergoes third-party testing, ensuring thorough scrutiny before approval for sale. Because we know that introducing a new supplement to our pets can also sometiems be challenging,we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our products.If you find yourself dissatisfied, our committed customer service team is here to assist you promptly. As fellow pet parents, we comprehend and share your concerns.

Indeed, our vitamins and soft chews are crafted without the inclusion of chemicals or artificial ingredients, which are often the culprits behind adverse effects. We pride ourselves on utilizing natural ingredients, adhering strictly to our sourcing practices in the USA, maintaining a non-GMO commitment, and subjecting our products to thorough third-party testing. Unlike items containing artificial or synthetic components that exhibit consistent appearances, our natural ingredient composition may result in variations in both appearance and texture.

Your jar is equipped with two safety seals: a white liner securing the jar's opening and an exterior shrink wrap. The pressure-sealed white liner beneath the cap is affixed during the lid's application, using minimal sealant to preserve your pet's product's healthiness. If the inner seal appears loose upon unscrewing the lid, it's likely due to the lid unsealing the pressure liner in the process. You may now find this white seal inside the lid. Additionally, we've incorporated a tamper-evident shrink band on the outside for added security. If the exterior plastic remains intact, rest assured that your jar is new & sealed.

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