Meet George

The real founder

Birthday: 1/10/14 | Weight: 77 lbs. | Breed: lovable

George has been the light of our lives since we brought him home from the WI Humane Society's Milwaukee campus in May 2014. Born earlier that year and transferred from an overcrowded shelter in Knoxville, TN, George has been filling our days with joy and our hearts with love.

Some of his favorite activities include warmly welcoming anyone who comes through our door with his trademark smile, gnawing on his cherished butcher bones, and keeping up with the latest cat antics on Instagram. After his fun-filled days, nothing beats a long, cozy nap (with lots of snoring) following a brisk walk.

Now, as George enters his senior years, his health remains our top priority. That's why we teamed up with the best pet pro's in the biz to develop Balanced Breed. Helping us ensure that his golden years are as vibrant as his puppy days. It's the peace of mind that every pet parent deserves. Welcome to the family!

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