Are Dog Supplements Really Necessary?

Are Dog Supplements Really Necessary?

Supplements are an essential part of our daily life. But have you ever wondered that does your furry four-legged friend also needs some sort of dietary supplement or not? The answer is yes, your dog may not be getting balanced nutrition from the food alone, so he needs supplements to meet his health requirements. If there are any deficiencies in the diet of your pup, they can also be addressed with the help of supplements. 

However, it must be noted that just like humans, when it comes to dog supplements, not all the items available in the grocery store are for your dog. The supplements requirements depend on the age, health condition, and needs of a dog so they must be tailored accordingly. If you are considering dietary supplements for your dog but are wondering whether they are necessary or not, then here are some reasons on how these supplements could make a difference in your pet’s life: 

Boost Immune System 

A nutritional supplement enhances your pet’s wellbeing. A balanced immune system keeps your dog healthy and protects him from different kinds of diseases such as heart problems, cancers, and diabetes. If your dog’s immune system is performing properly then the body will regulate cells to make sure everything is working properly. In this way, even if a pathogen attacks, the body’s cells will fight it and remove it from the body before it starts to cause problems. However, if the immune system is compromised, the whole process will not work smoothly, and the body will become prone to many diseases.

Dietary supplements not only provide proper nutrition but will also boost the immune system of your pet. This will ensure that your pet’s body can fight disease-causing pathogens. So, if your dog suffers an infection, his ability to fight that disease and become healthy again will improve. 

A supplement is an ingredient that is hard to get from the diet completely. These ingredients are essential for our pet’s body, but they are often hard to come by. Therefore, dietary supplements fill this lack and provide our pet’s bodies with the necessary nutrition which improves their life. 

Joint Pain and Arthritis

Nutrition supplements also help those dogs who suffer from joint pain and arthritis. Just like humans, dogs also suffer from diseases related to joints and ligaments. These diseases can make it difficult for your puppy to move properly. To address this problem, supplements can really help. Some good examples of the supplements that may help in arthritis and joint pain are glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. If your pet is suffering from inflammation of joints, these two supplements will greatly help. Apart from this, omegas also help with inflammation. These supplements can ease the pain and help in treating the disease over the long term. 

Healthy Digestion

Supplements can regulate the digestion process of your dog and can improve overall digestive health. The most common type of supplement when it comes to the digestive tract is probiotics. These are good bacteria that regulate the internal process of the digestive tract of your pet. They monitor the growth of bad bacteria and balance the digestion process of your dog. If the balance between good bacteria (probiotics) and bad bacteria is disturbed, then it disturbs the whole digestion process of your dog. In this way, your dog is more likely to suffer from digestion issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea.

 As mentioned, probiotics regulate bowel movements but if they are combined with prebiotics and fiber, their efficiency is improved. So, this combination is also used as a supplement because prebiotics enhances the growth of good bacteria in the digestive tract of your pet. Apart from this, prebiotics also enhance the performance of probiotics. 

There is also another form of supplement that combines both – probiotics as well as prebiotics. This supplement is known as symbiotic. This means the interaction between both types. Dogs who get these supplements are less likely to suffer from digestive tract issues. Their bowel movements are regulated, and their stomach does not get upset. Apart from this, these supplements also improve the breath and water absorption level of your pet. 

Skin and coat problems

There are many causes of skin and coat problems. Some problems are caused by external stimuli whereas, others are caused by internal issues. Some of the most common causes behind skin and coat problems are bacterial infections, lice, fleas, ticks, fungal infections, allergies, itchy skin, and excessive shedding. Supplements that are designed specifically for skin and coat can help with tackling these problems. 

Some of the best supplements for skin problems are Omega 3 fatty acids, biotin, fish oil, and amino acids. 

Cognitive Development

Supplements also improve your dog’s cognitive development. Supplements that include antioxidants have been linked to improved learning skills of dogs. Aged dogs are more likely to suffer from cognitive issues and if your dog is old, you should introduce supplements that are rich in antioxidants to their diet. These supplements also prevent cognitive dysfunction syndrome. 

The most common supplements that improve cognitive development are vitamins such as vitamin E and vitamin C, Coenzyme Q-10, and L-Carnitine. These supplements will keep your pup alert as well as healthy. 

Putting it all together

Even though pet food brands make a lot of claims regarding their products but still, your dog might need that extra boost of energy in the form of supplements. These supplements will provide him the essential vitamins and nutrients that will make a huge difference in his life. These supplements also enhance the efficiency of pet food. 

So, if you want to provide a balanced diet to your pet, you should consider incorporating nutritional supplements into his diet. Some examples of dog supplements are Glucosamine, Vitamins, Probiotics, Chondroitin Sulfate, Omegas.

We know that you want the best for your dog and finding the best supplements are quite difficult, so we are about to introduce something exciting for your pet. Your pet will love it!

It must be kept in mind that even though dietary supplements are great, they are not a substitute for food, exercise, playtime, grooming, love and care, and the routine of your dog. So, total health coverage is important if you want your dog to be happy, active, and healthy. 

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  • Chloe E

    ever since giving my dog supplements, it seems as if her happiness has gone up. She was having some joint pain and then I started giving her one vitamin per day. After a month or so I definitely noticed a change

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