Are Rawhides Bad For My Dog?

Are Rawhides Bad For My Dog?

Rawhides are very bad for pet dogs due to lots of reasons. There are a lot of health risks that come with rawhides. These include digestive issues, intestinal problems, contamination, and even choking hazards for your pet dogs!

Everybody that has a pet dog should be aware of the risks that are associated with rawhides. It used to be given to pet dogs in the past, but it has become evident that it isn’t safe for pets in any manner with time. Most people still give rawhides to their pet dogs. Sooner or later, it is bound to result in some health issues for the pets.

Today, we will discuss how rawhides are bad for your pet dogs in this post.

What Are Rawhides & Why Are They Bad?

In straightforward and brief words, rawhide is the skin of grass-fed cows that has not been tanned. In order to become edible for dogs, this skin is processed in different chemicals. After processing, it is cleaned in water, and then the process of bleaching takes place as well. Then it is dried and then smoked for flavour.

Do you really want your dog to be consuming something with chemical-based processing? It is deteriorating for your pet’s health.

Rawhide is known to cause digestive tract issues in pet dogs. They cause an intestinal blockage as well. And in the worst case, they can get stuck in the oesophagus of the pet dogs as well. According to various food and health authorities of animals, rawhides are not suitable in any form for pet dogs.

It would be best if you Avoided Rawhide:

In many places, rawhides are readily available in the markets, and you might have considered them at some point to be bought as a treat for your pet dog. If you have come across them in the markets, please do not consider them as a treat for your pet.

All of us want our pets to stay healthy and fit. If you want your pet to remain in perfect health, please opt for alternative dog treats that are not harmful.

Rawhides Have No Nutritional Value:

Another critical point is that rawhides have basically no nutritional value for your pet dogs. As they are highly processed, they are bound to have very little to no nutrients at all. If you thought of them as a good source of nutrients for your pet dog, unfortunately, you were wrong.

Any other source of snacks for your pet dog would be better than a rawhide.

Concluding Remarks:

So, now you are aware that rawhides are not healthy for pet dogs in any way.

Focus on good sources of nutrition for your pets. Even snacks need to be of quality in terms of nutrient content. If you want to keep the health and fitness of your pet dog in perfect condition, you should try Balanced Breed’s all-in-one multivitamin canine supplement. Good nutrition, along with the right supplements, can keep your pets in perfect condition!

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  • bruce

    Rawhides are an BIIIIGGGG NO in my household. i actually have read some other articles from you mentioning how bad it is to give your dog raw meat which these basically are. I agree with always trying to opt for a healthier option. I am interested in giving your balanced breed vitamins a try. They seem great

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