How Do I Prepare My Dog For Aging?

How Do I Prepare My Dog For Aging?

Doodles have infiltrated the pet world, becoming a favorite of dog lovers everywhere. But with so many doodles to choose from, how do you know which is the most special? Is it the Goldendoodle, the Bernie doodle, or the classic Schnoodle? Well, they are all wonderful, but the winner is hands down the olden doodle…our senior dogs…the upper canine classmen. They’ve paid their doodle dues and provided us with their devoted attention and loyalty for many years. Our olden doodles aren’t breed specific, but their needs are.

The first step to caring for senior dogs is making sure we’re aware and noticing the signs of aging and adjusting our approach to keeping them healthy, happy, and safe. After all, dogs don’t age at the same rate. Every breed is different, and every life unique. It’s up to us to stay tuned in to their olden doodle needs and demands.

You may notice changes in their behavior like sleeping more, moving less, seeming less interested in playing. They may not hear as well or see like they once did. This is all normal, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. There are things you can do to slow down the rate of aging like providing toys and puzzles that exercise their brains. Taking them on short walks or modified runs will help keep them active and in shape, as well as mobile. They can suffer from joint problems, making it harder to move as quickly or vigorously. It’s important to make sure you aren’t pushing them too fast or too far. They’re usually good at letting us know what they can handle if we’re listening.

And speaking of joint health, as our pups age, they can encounter joint problems. A diet rich in glucosamine and omega 3 fatty acids is essential. Balanced Breed supplements are a great way to insure they’re getting the vitamins and minerals they need, along with a healthy diet. And while you’re supplementing their diet, consider the very important upper classmen creature comforts--like a good bed that is soft but supportive. You might want to raise their food and water dishes, making their access easier. And if your olden doodle is having trouble getting around, there are a variety of ramps, stair lifts, and carts available on the market that can be helpful.

Our upper classmen can also experience health issues that include arthritis, diabetes, kidney disease, and cancer. Get them the veterinary care that they need as quickly as possible. It can change the course of their olden, golden years as many diseases and health problems that are common with seniors can be treated, while others can be helped with medications that relieve pain.

Olden doodles aren’t breed specific, but their needs are. Be tuned in. Be aware. And consider Balanced Breed supplements to support their health in their golden years.


  • Jenni M

    I have two older dogs at home. They are so sweet

  • Neena


  • david

    I am glad my old guy still likes to go on some walks. He is slowing down but is still thriving

  • Ethan B

    Sleeping my oh my… Baxter (my 12 yer old dog) can sleep through anything. Sometimes I even get jealous!! I am a very light sleeper

  • Jacelyn

    As someone who rescues older dogs that people do not want anymore, I appreciate this article a lot

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