How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

The question of how much food your pet dog requires is a bit technical. The reason behind this technicality is that the needs and requirements of every pet in terms of their nutrition are unique. One pet might require a lower amount of overall calories per day, and another might require very high calories in a day.

Most people mistake either feeding their pets way too much or way too little. This can lead to countless health problems which do not get fixed quickly.

Let’s talk in detail about how often you should be feeding your pet in a day.

Do not feed them too little or too much:

If you end up feeding your pet way too little or way more than what they require per day in terms of nutrition, it can lead to countless issues. These issues could be any of the following;

  • Congestive heart failure issues might arise.
  • Breathing issues might occur.
  • Skeletal problems such as disks, bones and joint problems hinder fitness.
  • Skin problems that might lead to significant issues.
  • A shorter life span in general.

We know all these things sound too depressing but don’t worry. Your pet will stay healthy! All you have to do is be intelligent and wise and feed your pet the proper nutrients in the right amounts to ensure their longevity and their perfect fitness levels in the long term.

How you can determine the right amount of food for your pet:

It would be best to focus on a few things before you can determine how much food your pet dog needs in a day.

  1. The activity level.

Depending on your pet's activity and energy level, you will be deciding the quantity of food that your fur baby should be consuming. If your dog plays around a lot and stays active throughout the day, it needs more food. But if your fur buddy has a sedentary lifestyle of ease and comfort only, it must not be consuming a lot because it will lead to obesity.

  1. Body weight of the pet.

Your pet's body weight should be an essential factor in deciding the number of calories it needs in a day. If your pet is overweight, it means that it does not need as much food as a pet dog whose weight is below the level that it actually should be.

  1. Type of food for the pet.

Most importantly, the type of food that you are giving your pet is critical to consider. If you are giving your pet a highly nutritious meal every day, make sure you keep the quantity to a moderate level; otherwise,, it will lead to an overabundance of calories, leading to health issues.

Look at the food labels!

Take a look at the food labels as they tell you the nutrient requirements according to the fitness levels of your pet dog and also give you an idea of how many meals your pet dog should be having in a day.


  • Allison Jep

    Good article, I am currently having my husky dog, nala on the dog version of weight watchers LOL she really loves food but I want her to be healthy and I know she has been overeating a bit.

  • Miles

    I guess it’s hot (dog) summer!

  • Zoey

    Informative. Helpful.

    Also my older dog is enjoying your product.

  • tess s

    overfeeding or underfeeding can be a difficult thing to know whats right for your dog.I am going to tune in much more to how my dog is reacting to make sure i am giving her what she needs

  • Alexiana

    solid information. I have been watching how much my dog consumes more carefully after reading this article!

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