How to keep your dog entertained during the day while you’re at work.

How to keep your dog entertained during the day while you’re at work.

In the dictionary, dog is defined as man’s best friend. Well, maybe it’s a bit more sophisticated than that. They are a domesticated carnivorous mammal. But to us they are our best friends. They can also be destructive little buddies when their number one companion is away. Like a bad rerun, being home alone can leave your house looking like a destruction zone every time you’re away. While they are thinking of nothing but us day in and day out, we are out living our lives, not to mention making a living. This is tough on our four-legged friends, and some are quick to show us what it's like to be HOME ALONE IN THE DESTRUCTION ZONE!

Dogs need stimulation, entertainment, and exercise—some more than others. And leaving them at home unattended, can result in boredom, loneliness, and even destructive behaviors. It’s not that our furry friends want to destroy our things or make us mad. They are often left with few outlets to express their feelings or burn off energy and can be challenged to control their impulses.

But don’t go running to quit your job. That wouldn’t fare well for you OR your pet in the long run. After all, someone has to provide that nutritious food and those great toys, not to mention a roof over their head. Don’t despair. There are things you can do, other than quitting your job, to insure that your canine pal is happy, preoccupied, and well-behaved while you’re slaving away at your job. 

Start with making sure you’re providing enough exercise for them before you leave for work. A morning walk, good run, game of fetch etc. can all help to tire your dog out before you go. And, hey, exercise is good for you, too. But make sure, before you set your plan in motion, that you’ve researched your breed’s needs and know their abilities. What’s good for one pup isn’t necessarily good for another.

Some pooches enjoy dog puzzles. They can stimulate their brains and keep them away from things they shouldn’t be chewing on. And many of these toys have an added benefit—a treat hidden inside. Make sure it’s something soft and easily consumed to prevent choking hazards while you’re away.

If you have a particularly challenging dog who is ready to go for another walk shortly after you’ve left, a dogwalker is a great option. A stop-in and quick walk while you’re at work can be just what your best friend needs to get them through the second half of the day.

Consider leaving a radio or television on for them. Believe it or not, the sound of human voices can be comforting to your dog and might even act as a deterrent to destructive behaviors. This YouTube video we created has been designed to keep your furry friend entertained when watching TV. 


And last but most definitely not least, make sure your canine friend is on a healthy diet. Dogs are no different than people when it comes to nutrition. They feel better when their bodies are fueled with good nutrition and when things that aren’t good for them are eliminated. The easiest place to start is with Balanced Breed supplements to help support their good gut health and provide them with the vitamins and minerals they need.

Life is about balance. Eliminate the destruction zone when they’re home alone and give your dog Balanced Breed supplements to start the day off right.


  • Erin T

    my dog has been glued to your YouTube video!!

    he loves it!

  • Leo

    Thankfully my dog can be entertained by even the dust specks on the ground. he is always staring at something! Its great when I have long work days

  • Trent

    the dogwalker app is the way to go

  • Xander A

    I can keep my dog entertained by having him walk but I swear once I get home from work that guy wants to play play and play! He loves attention and gets separation anxiety when I go to work lol

  • Baylor P

    Loving that YouTube video! Smart idea

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