What’s your fur baby’s “secret weapon?”

human foods that your dog can and can't  have

What is a dog's secret weapon?

Allow me to offer you a hint: It's something that'll make YOU roll over, get additional belly rubs, and maybe even smile...

Is it their shiny coat, 2 days after a bath? Their unconditional love they give? Keep guessing...

We’re talking about those PUPPY EYES! When that little face looks up at you with those big eyes, it’s nearly impossible to tell them no. And it’s typically when you’re eating.

So comes the question, “can I feed this to my dog, or will it make them sick?” Because certain foods that are healthy for us can cause problems for your pup. And since your hungry dog doesn’t know the difference, the decision is all on you. Here’s a simple list of foods you can share with your dog...

Table Scraps That are Approved to Share with your Dog:

Some Fruits — Blueberries, watermelon, apples (without the seeds), mangos (with no pits), bananas, strawberries, and oranges are all nutritious snacks for your dog.

Some Vegetables — Carrots, sweet potatoes, and celery are also vitamin- and mineral-packed treats your pup can enjoy.

Peanut Butter — This is always fun to give your dog! Just make sure the only ingredients in your peanut butter are peanuts and oil — better yet, just peanuts. Best yet, Balanced Breed™ Peanut Butter & Banana flavored dog vitamins and supplements!

That means no added salt, sugar, or artificial sweeteners… especially the sugar-substitute Xylitol, which can be poisonous to your dog.

Eggs — Eggs are a great source of protein and vitamins for your dog, so feel free to give them a bite of your hard-boiled egg occasionally.

Salmon — Cooked salmon is rich in Omega-3, which supports your dog’s skin, coat, and brain health. Just make sure you’re not feeding your dog raw salmon, which is dangerous to their health.

And here are some foods you should never share with your dog:

Grapes and Raisins — These tiny fruits can make your dog sick, and cause vomiting and kidney failure.

Cooked Bones — Bones like baby back ribs, T-bones, and chicken bones that have been cooked can splinter and become a choking hazard. They can also cause digestive problems. So, it’s a good idea to refrain from giving your dog those leftovers.

Processed Meats — Dogs love “bacon-flavored” treats, but the salt content of real bacon, ham, and deli meat could be poisonous for your pup.

Onions — Even in small amounts, these can be toxic for your dog. They could cause vomiting, diarrhea, and problems with their blood cells.

Keep in mind: these are just some general guidelines. And just like humans, every dog is different. If you have any questions about your dog specifically, ask your veterinarian — they’ll know best! When it comes to true & natural dog vitamins, you will find one that has more health benefits than the leading brand... Balanced Breed™. 


  • Ashley

    Peanut butter + kOng toy= happy dog

  • Frank Y

    I try to keep onions out of my home in general.

  • Jamie

    puppy eyes are almost impossible to say no to

  • Mckenna

    I always say yes to those puppy eyes and sometimes I regret it because my dog is just trying to get table scraps! lols

  • Pia S

    Puppy eyes are actually evil because you cannot say no to that! I try walking away and not turning around!

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