What's that SMELL?!

What's that SMELL?!

...the one that makes you pull the blanket over your face, run from the house searching for fresh air, or wear a mask in your own home?

It’s gas!

While you might have words with your spouse when they pass the gas, your dog is incapable of holding back. And though gas is nothing to stress over as far as their wellbeing, there are ways to limit and control it. Your dog won’t care that you’ve helped them stop passing gas, but your life will certainly be better. After all, controlling the amount of gas and its frequency can keep you from running for cover when you’re trying to watch your favorite television show.

Let’s start with why your dog has gas. There can be many culprits that can cause it, but the main one boils down to three simple words. Eating too quickly!

When your canine eats too quickly, scarfing up their food like they’ll never see another bowl, they aren’t just inhaling their food like a vacuum cleaner, their inhaling massive amounts of air as well. And…what goes in, must come out!

If you want to live free of stink bombs and smell assaults, there are some simple things you can do. It starts with helping your dog eat more slowly. Now, before you reach for your mask, convinced that the idea is crazy, consider that it’s not about negotiating or pleading with your dog. Save that for your spouse. It’s about helping your dog, and you’ll do it with a tennis ball. Yes, a tennis ball.

Just place the tennis ball inside their food bowl. This will require them to eat around the ball, preventing them from inhaling their food and later expelling gassy air. It’s like an “obstruction course” for feeding. Not only will it be good mental stimulation for your dog, but it will slow down the rate at which they eat. And slowing them down will minimize the amount of air they are taking in.

Stop the smell from hell! Don’t run for cover, hide under the blankets, or live in a mask at home just to survive your dog’s gas attacks any more. Slow down their eating and stop the gas.

It takes one ball. That’s all.


  • Marie

    This might be a life savor for my friends dog….I love him but his farts stink

  • Nate

    I love my dog but I don’t love his gas !!!

  • Donnie

    This is so smart 🤓

  • Janet

    My dog does not fart nearly as often anymore THANK GOD!!! you guys are lifesavers!!!

  • Brody J

    Tried this the other day and it helped slow down my dogs eating. Thanks

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