When should I change from puppy to adult food?

When should I change from puppy to adult food?

This is an important question that you might ask yourself if you are a pet dog owner.

You sometimes might not be able to figure out the exact point at which you need to stop with the puppy food and start feeding your pet adult food. The nutritional needs of pet dogs change as they age. When your puppy is about six months to 12 months of age, it needs the puppy food. But once the age goes beyond 12 months, the puppy starts to transition into an adult, and then the nutritional needs become that of an adult.

The height and weight start to increase once the puppy is older than one year. Many changes occur at this point of age that makes it essential for the pet to be fed adult food.

Let’s discuss this in detail as you need to take the proper steps and approach to this crucial matter.

When you should shift from puppy to adult food:

When a pet dog is older than one year, it requires a lot more protein than it did as a puppy. The developmental processes taking place as an adult require lots of healthy nutrients each day.

Shifting to adult food also depends on the breed of the pet dog. This is because different species have different developmental and nutrition needs. So, it would help if you considered this factor before you make a decision about moving to adult food.

Once the puppy reaches the maturity stage, which will be at 12 months of age, you need to start feeding it adult food. But don’t make the mistake of providing only adult food at once!

The Right Approach:

Once you know it is time to feed your pet with adult food, you need to make sure that you do it right.

You cannot take away the puppy food at once and start feeding the pet dog with adult food. It will not lead to good results. 

 You should focus on filling the pet’s food bowl with mostly puppy food and then add in a bit of adult food. As your pet becomes used to adult food’s taste, start putting in less puppy food and more adult dog food.

Soon, you’ll be able to stop using puppy food completely and feed only adult food to your pet.

Your pet’s vitamin needs!

Once your puppy reaches the age of maturity, it needs a lot of essential vitamins and minerals for growth and wellbeing. The best option that you have is Balanced Breed’s all in one multivitamin for canines.

It will provide the pet with all the essential minerals and vitamins that it needs for growth, fitness and wellbeing. No matter how well the diet of a pet is, vitamins are always needed for good health. If vitamins are missing from the diet, it can prove to hinder the good effects of the food being consumed by the pet.


  • Dionysus

    I thought my puppy needed dog food at 6 months guess I was wrong, no? 😅

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    Thank you for this!

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