How Cat Vitamins Can Help Their Behavior

How Cat Vitamins Can Help Their Behavior

Ah, the mysteries of the feline world. As pet parents, we love our cats dearly… but sometimes, their strange behaviors can leave us scratching our heads. Cat vitamins can help with regulating strange behaviors, but it's important to understand your cat too. Take excessive meowing, for instance. Why do cats meow so much? Is something wrong? Are they trying to tell us something


To Better Understand your Cat, Here are 6 Common "Meows, What They Mean & How Cat Vitamins can Help

1. Thelonious Mon Meow

This is your cat's standard "I need food" meow. If you have a chatty cat, she may remind you several times throughout the day that it's chow time. If your kitty is especially vocal when her bowl is empty, it's time to feed her more frequently or upgrade to a larger portion size. We recommend looking for a high-quality wet food that's designed to meet your cat's specific nutritional needs—ask your veterinarian for recommendations. 


cat begging for balanced breed multivitamins for cats

2. The Begging Meow

This sound is very similar to the "I'm hungry" meow, but with a slightly more pleading tone. Your cat may use this noise if she wants something other than food—like attention, cuddles, or playtime. If your cat is demanding more of your time than you're able to give, try redirecting her energy with toys or puzzle feeders. 


3. The Angry Meow

We all know this sound well. It's the "I'm mad at you" meow—and it usually happens when we don't give our cats what they want (attention, food, etc.). If your cat is feeling ignored or neglected, try spending more quality time with her each day. This article will go into more depth about why cat's get angry and how to calm them down. 


4. The Yawn-Meow Combo

Awwww… this one is just too cute! It's typically used as an adorable way of greetings loved ones after a long absence. 


5. The Sad Trombone Meow

This dejected noise signals that your kitty is in pain or doesn't feel well. If you hear this type of meow frequently, take your cat to the vet for a checkup—she may be experiencing an underlying health condition that needs to be addressed. 


6. The Crying Meow

This is the "I'm sorry" meow, and it typically occurs when your cat has done something wrong (like scratching the furniture). If your cat is frequently engaging in bad behaviors, try implementing a training regimen that rewards her for good deeds. Positive reinforcement is key when it comes to training cats!


Cat Vitamins Can be a Solution For Regulating Behavior

There you have it—six common cat sounds and what they mean. Next time your feline friend starts yammering away, see if you can decode her message. And if you have any concerns about your cat's health or behavior, be sure to talk to your veterinarian. Consider trying to give your cat a healthy multivitamin. Multivitamins for cats will be able to balance out their emotions and help keep them on a happy and healthy track. 


  • Merewe

    my cat loves to beg for food lol!

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    I love the yawn meow combo!

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    my cat barley meows.. is that normal? hahaa

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