Why Your Dog Might Not Be Excited For Walks Anymore

Why Your Dog Might Not Be Excited For Walks Anymore

So, If You Notice Your Dog Isn’t Up for Long Walks Anymore

As a dog owner walking your dog must be one of the important yet fun tasks on your schedule. Nothing gets a dog more excited than the prospect of getting out of the house and go for a walk. But why is it that sometimes your dog is not willing to walk anymore? She is either taking frequent breaks from walking or has stopped walking altogether. There could be several reasons as to why she is acting this way. It could be that she is tired, having a health issue like joint pain, or just doesn’t feel like walking. 

The main task for you is to figure out the real reason behind this behavior. One crucial thing to remember is that never try to force her because it could hurt the dog plus it won’t solve your problem. There are some simple ways you can adapt to convince your furry friend into taking long walks. This article will cover the possible justifications behind your dogs’ unwilling behavior and what should you do to solve this issue.

Reasons Behind Disinterest in Walks

One of the major reasons as to why your dog is stopping mid walks or refusing to walk at all could be some health issues or discomfort. Dogs are mostly super happy and active that sometimes we forget that they can get tired too. But in reality, a dog might be in pain or feeling exhausted. It is quite likely that your dog is feeling muscle or joint pain while running, jumping, and even walking. Her collar could be too tight and irritating. There is also a possibility that your dog is feeling too hot or dehydrated.

Apart from that, dogs can also get worried and feel fear. Your dog might not want to leave the comfort of the house as she considers it her safe place where she is well protected. Furthermore, some people have also observed that their dogs only stop at a very specific place repeatedly which sounds confusing. However, it is quite likely that a dog is stopping at a specific place because she once found a treat there or has some other memory about that place. It could also be her favorite place where she wants to hang out for a while before moving further. 

Some dogs can be very moody and most of the time when your dog is not willing to walk, there is a high chance, she just doesn’t feel like walking. Whatever the reason might be, a dog owner needs to realize it to help their canine friend. 

Ways To Get Your Dog to Walk Again

It is possible that your dog is bored of the same route that is taken for her walks, it would be great if you take different routes every now and then so your dog can enjoy herself while walking with you. If your dog shows fear or hesitation to go out for a walk, then just be patient with her. Try to talk while petting and reassure her the best you can. A dog’s fearful behavior can be noticed by her body language and posture. For example, if she refuses to get out of the house or stopping abruptly during the walks looking alarmed; she is quite surely fearful. The reason that instilled fear doesn’t have to be big but dogs tend to remember the emotion and associate it with walks. 

In other cases when your furry friend is not willing to walk then it is okay to leave her be. Not going for walks for a while is acceptable too. Instead, try to engage her in other fun activities or mind games. Sometimes dogs also act like a human child. If you leave your doggo behind on the sidewalk or park and start moving slowly, there is a big chance that she will follow you as she wouldn’t want to be left alone. This is only done to encourage your dog to walk with you again. 

During the walks, taking small breaks is also important because dogs can’t express if they are tired or feeling too hot or dehydrated. Make sure your dog drinks water and doesn’t exhaust herself in jumping or running. Because once a dog is too tired, she’ll just refuse to walk. Do make sure their leashes are not the source of discomfort which could also be the reason why your dog is not up for walking anymore because the prospect of a collar scares her.

However, if you notice that your dog is in pain, for instance, her legs wobble or you notice other signs of pain, then this should be the major red flag as to why your dog is not up for walks anymore. But the good news is, there are some tips and home remedies that can be adapted to help your dog get better and be willing to take walks with you like she used to do. 

Joint Pain and Home Remedies

Joint and muscle pain is quite common in dogs and could be one of the major reasons why a dog refuses to take walks. If you notice signs of joint pain, you should follow the list of easy home remedies below: 

  • Exercising: Never underestimate the need for exercises that your dog might require plus keep your dog’s weight in check. It is observed that walking gets difficult when dogs are getting overweight and lacking basic exercises in their routine.
  • Proper Diet and supplements: A dog’s health is determined by her healthy diet and depending on the type of dog, the use of supplements might also be needed along with regular food. Make sure her diet is full of suitable meat-based proteins and vitamins and on top of that, try to avoid diets that might trigger joint inflammation. 
  • Massaging: Dog home spa is real! It could be both fun and beneficial for your dog. Give her a nice bath, massage her limbs, and move her joints. This gentle movement of muscles will soothe her and stimulate energy. 
  • Turmeric: The use of turmeric is not only limited to humans. It has shown brilliant results in reducing muscular pains and inflammation of joints that can happen both due to over and inactivity of joints. It also acts as an antioxidant to fight diseases. Turmeric can be either mixed in your dog’s food or used in the form of tinctures. 

However, be careful of your dog’s condition, if she is still in discomfort or showing signs of pain then don’t waste time and visit a vet who could give your pup a suitable treatment.

Putting It All Together

In short, whatever the reason may be, try to be patient and figure out the problem as to why your dog is no longer interested in taking long walks. There are some excellent home remedies and tricks discussed above that you can adapt to solve the issue but always consider going to a vet if nothing works. Sometimes dogs are going through behavioral changes which can only be treated by professionals. 

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