You would've never guessed!

You would've never guessed!

Believe it or not, you can teach your pup to clean up, just like have with your kids—and without all the back talk and whining. And you don’t have to pay your pup an allowance!

Imagine how transformative it could be if your canine pal learned to put away their toys on command, not to mention how much safer your surroundings would be. No more breaking ankles tripping over forgotten balls or startling yourself in the middle of the night stepping on another squeaky toy.

Like anything else, successful training is all about clear communication, repetition, persistency, and reward. Start by believing that your pup can be more than just an entertaining fur buddy who eats, sleeps, and leaves messes. They can absolutely contribute to helping around the house and pitching in with clean-up--if you’re willing to put in the time to teach them.

It sounds unrealistic, but it’s as simple as following this training plan:

  1. Pick a spot for your dog’s toybox. Select it carefully and try not to move it. A good suggestion is to put it closest to the area they play most often and keep it there so as not to confuse them.
  2. Walk them to the toybox and hand them their favorite toy, holding it over the box. Try and keep them right there, next to and over the toybox, if possible, as you perform the next step.
  3. Say, “drop it/tidy up,” and quickly offer them a treat. Whether they’re interested in following the drop-it command or not, they will be interested in the treat you’re offering and be forced to drop it.
  4. Praise them for dropping the toy in the toybox.
  5. Repeat this as many times as necessary to turn it into an engrained habit, or trick—if you prefer. Then begin to move the toy further away from the toybox, followed by saying “tidy up.” Only give them the treat once they’ve put the toy back in the toybox.
  6. After they’ve mastered this, begin leaving the toy on the floor, rather than handing it to them. Point at the toy/toys and tell them to “tidy up!”

The key to mastering clean-up with your pup is to be consistent. This includes consistency in the words you use, the treats provided after the task is completed, and the praise you hand out for a job well done. And considering that successful pups will be rewarded with plenty of treats, make sure they’re healthy treats that your dog can enjoy and benefit from. Like Balanced Breed’s Peanut Butter & Banana seasoned canine multi-vitamins. The flavor has been proven to be a pup favorite, and the health benefits are substantial.

Master the big pup clean-up and both you and your pup can enjoy the benefits. They’ll love the mental stimulation and healthy treats, and you’ll appreciate a clean house.


  • Lauren A


  • Halee

    I wish my dog could clean my whole house

  • Carmine

    Seems easy enough..stay tuned for a well trained cleaning up pup!

  • Kim

    I have two dogs so they can decide amongst themselves who will be the one doing the dirty work!

  • Taylor E

    what kinds of dogs are in that photo? They are cute.

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