How Multivitamins for Cats Help Increase their Lifespan

How Multivitamins for Cats Help Increase their Lifespan

We all want our feline friends to live forever—or at least as long as we do, but we know it’s unlikely. The good news is, they can live a very long life--longer than many other pets. But their lifespan is dependent on several factors, and one is giving them a natural cat vitamin. Always stay in tune to their behavior because After all, you are the pet owner and are in control.

Let’s start with the basics and not pussyfoot around…

How long your fuzzy friend will live depends on whether they’re an indoor or outdoor cat as well as the quality of their diet and veterinary care. But on average, the lifespan of a domestic cat is between twelve and twenty years with some living into their thirties. The oldest cat on record was Crème Puff who lived to be thirty-eight years old. Now if that doesn’t give you reason to paws, we don’t know what will.

Clearly, even the purr-fect pet owner can’t control genetic factors or feline fate, but what we can do is make sure our furry friends’ basic needs are met. Let’s scratch the surface and take a look at the basic things you can do to help insure that your kitty gives Crème Puff a run for her money. 


Here are 5 ways to help your cat live a healthy life even though their senior years

1. Feed them only a high-quality cat vitamin and balanced diet rich in nutrients

This includes adding the All-In-One Cat Multivitamin from Balanced Breed. It can help control digestion, skin and coat issues, and support a healthy immune system.


2. Get regular veterinary care including required vaccinations and appropriate health treatments

By taking your cat to the vet regularly, you can identify and treat any health problems that might arise early.


cat licking on scratching post

3. Keep your cat indoors or provide a safe outdoor enclosure where it can play and explore

This will protect it from dangers like cars and predators.


4. Provide playtime with plenty of toys, rotating them to keep them engaged, along with regular exercise

While cats are fairly independent, they still need mental and physical stimulation and interaction with you. It’s a matter of understanding what their individual preferences are and meeting them where they are. Check out these 10 exercises to keep your cat energetic. 


5. Spay and neuter your cat to protect it against diseases and keep unwanted behaviors under control

It’s a responsible thing to do for them and helps to control the overpopulation of feral colonies and the potential for euthanasia of unwanted cats.


Help your cat live a long life by giving them a cat vitamin 

Whether you have a tabby, calico, Siamese, or boutique blend cat, it’s puss-ible that your cat can break records, too. Do your part to make sure their basic needs are met, and consider Balanced Breed as a regular part of their diet.


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