Natural Cat Vitamins Vs. Catnip: Which is better?

Natural Cat Vitamins Vs. Catnip: Which is better?

Dispensaries for cannabis are opening up all over the country, each touting its various benefits and producing an endless array of ways to consume it. Whether you believe or partake in it or not, you can’t ignore that cannabis has become quite the topic of conversation, but if our feline friends could talk, they’d ask what all the bluster is about. They’ve been indulging in kitty catabis, better known as catnip, for centuries. Is catnip actually good for your cat, or should you be giving them a cat vitamin instead? Stay tuned to find out as we answer the common questions to catnip consumption. 

Is Catnip Making my Cat High? 

If you’ve had the privilege of watching a cat with their catnip, you can’t deny it changes their behavior. A couple of sniffs and Fluffy is rolling around on the carpet feeling groovy, rubbing their face in it, leaping on top of it. Some have even shown their love for it by eating it. Catabis edibles!


The History of Catnip

But before we dive into whether cats really get goofy on the green, let’s look at the history. The first recorded mention of catnip dates back to the 12th century when a physician described its use as a treatment for colic in infants. Since that time, there have been a variety of theories on what the wonder weed does to cats. Some believe catnip is a form of kitty LSD, while others think that it is simply an aphrodisiac. The most likely explanation is that catnip affects a cat’s sensory receptors in a way that is similar to how marijuana affects human beings. Click here to learn even more about the history of catnip. 


is my cat high off catnip?

The Effects of Catnip

Most often, catnip seems to have a calming effect on cats. After they sniff it, they become more relaxed and even drowsy, waking hours later with the munchies, ready to order a pizza. If your cat is sleeping often, this could be why. They In all seriousness, veterinarians really have recommended its use to improve appetites in finicky felines. It’s just one of the many benefits. But not all cats get more relaxed. There are those four-legged furballs who take a sniff and become more outgoing and playful, turning into the life of the pet party.


Are All Cats Affected by Catnip? 

The varying reactions to catnip, some scientists suggest, isn’t tolerance. It’s genetics. Without meaning to yuck anyone’s yum, only 50-75% of all cats are affected at all by catnip. But for those party animals who are affected, there’s no need to worry about the risks to their health. The effects of catnip are temporary, lasting only ten to fifteen minutes, typically wearing off completely within an hour.


Consider Integrating a Cat Vitamin Into Their Diet

Whether you use catnip to make playtime more exciting, to help relax an agitated cat, or to help improve your cat’s appetite, just remember that quality is key. That’s why Balanced Breed uses only natural, quality catnip and includes it in every cat product they produce. No visit to a dispensary necessary. No rolling papers required. Just open the jar of Balanced Breed and know that your cat is getting the best.


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    does it do anything to humans lol

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