Regulate your Cat's Sleep with a Multivitamin

Regulate your Cat's Sleep with a Multivitamin

For us human types, a catnap signifies a short period of rest, something we do to quickly to rejuvenate and regenerate. For our feline friends, however, it’s more than snatching forty winks. Cats spend an average of twelve to sixteen hours a day snoozing away. But before we jump to the conclusion that we can add laziness to the list of independent behaviors our cats project, we have to look at the facts. There’s a scientific reason for a cat’s sleepy behavior. We will also discuss how vitamins for cat's will keep their health on track to ensure they are getting the rest they need. 


Why Cats Sleep so Much

1. Cats are Predators

It starts at the core of who they are. Cats are predators. In the wild, they spend a good portion of their day hunting for food. And while your domestic kitty isn’t likely concerned with where their next meal is coming from, it doesn’t mean that their natural instincts aren’t still at work. A successful hunter is patient, often waiting for extended periods of time for the perfect opportunity to strike. It’s why your cat siestas for long periods of time, filling their reserves, getting ready for the big pounce! And it’s important to note that cats are crepuscular. While it sounds like a French donut, it’s got nothing to do with bakery. It means that they are most active during dawn and dusk when their prey is most active. That’s why your cat is likely most playful early in the morning and in the evening hours.


cat vitamins help regulate your cat's sleep

2. They Simply Need More Sleep Than Humans 

Like many other domestic animals, it’s also worth noting that cats simply need more sleep, not like the eight hours people need to survive. (Ahem—if we’re lucky.) And Persian cats need the most sleep of all our furry friends, snoozing away for up to sixteen hours per day. It’s hard to argue that Persians have always been the prima donnas of the feline world, so it only makes sense that they like to lounge. If your cat is indulging in treats such as catnip, it could create a change in behavior. 


3. They May be More Playful During the Day 

So while it is normal for a pussycat to get a lot of shuteye, there are a few signs that your cat’s sleep schedule might be off kilter. If they are particularly playful during the day, for example, it might be a sign they aren’t getting enough sleep. And if your cat is sleeping more than sixteen hours, it could be an indication of a health problem like diabetes, liver disease, or kidney failure. You don’t need a cat’s instincts to know when something feels off. If their habits have changed, they are requiring more sleep than what is typical, be sure to consult a veterinarian. You are their best advoCAT.


Multivitamins for Cats Will Help Maintain a Healthy Sleep Schedule 

In addition to a healthy sleep schedule, active and stimulating playtime, and a safe environment, a good diet is key to a healthy kitty. Make sure it is rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. It will help keep your cat’s energy levels up, requiring less sleep during the day. And a healthy and regular diet will help regulate their natural body rhythms.

Balanced Breed Cat vitamins are a great way to ensure that your cat is getting the nutrients it needs like L-lysine which contributes to good, overall energy levels. And the emotional benefits of a healthy and balanced diet are endless—not that your cat will suddenly start taking out the trash or thanking you for all you do.


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  • Katja

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